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The City I Deserve

Lebanon’s Newest City

About Us

Offering a safe pedestrian-friendly environment with all the amenities at your doorstep, Waterfront City has gone beyond all boundaries to bring you residential areas with the promise of a superior living experience. Embark on a new chapter where the heart beats strong within a true waterfront community.
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Waterfront City Sales & Experience Centre

Contact Details

P.O. Box 132 Marina, Dbayeh
Unit 4A of Plot No. 765
Dbayeh Cadastral District
Ground Floor 
Dbayeh, Lebanon

Fax: +961 4 444932
Maintenance Number: +961 4 404813

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Vision & Mission

Vision: Developing the country’s first contemporary city merging lifestyle with leisure and commercial hubs, by creating a sustainable environment in a carefully designed Masterplan.

Mission: Waterfront City is a seafront community crystallising the essence of the contemporary city by offering modern residences, vibrant shopping surroundings, secure neighbourhoods and a rich public realm overlooking the Mediterranean.

Contact Details


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