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Waterfront City

Dbayeh, Lebanon

Plaza Residences

The Perfect Family Home
The Plaza Residences is a haven of relaxation and peace; private courtyards provide a safe space for your kids to play and grow. The perfect family home offers 1 to 4 bedroom apartments surrounded by nature. Doorstep access to the Marina Promenade and the Promenade Residences provides you with freedom and entertainment. Whether you are relaxing or immersing in the buzz of all the Waterfront City features, the Plaza Residences are uniquely located to offer you vibrancy or serenity.
Facilities and Amenities
16,000 sqm Green Spaces
16 Restaurants
20,000 sqm Retail and F&B
1,500 Parking Slots
30 Retail Line Shops
4,000 sqm Gym & Spa