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Handover and Ownership

Can owners lease their property out without the permission of Waterfront City?

Owners are responsible for their own rental arrangements, provided that they abide by the general rules and regulations set in the relevant plot bylaws and Owner's Manual.

Living at Waterfront City

Will buildings have reliable power and water supply?

Waterfront City is committed to delivering a stress-free lifestyle. All utilities, including power, water, telecommunications, and sewage, have been completed as part of the initial reclamation. In addition, Waterfront City buildings are equipped with back-up power generators with an efficiency system ensuring minimum fuel consumption.

Power and Water will be supplied by Public Authorities (EDL and Water Authorities) and will depend on the utility feeding schedule set for this area.

Your Community

What restrictions are in place for building work to ensure residents are not disturbed at night or during weekends?

The Owners’ Association with the help of the Management team will regulate any generated disturbance to neighbours that is in violation of association Bylaws.

Your Home

Do property owners/tenants need permission to move their furniture in or to have fit-out suppliers move on site. If so, how do they obtain this?
Owners/tenants should coordinate their move-in with the facilities management company in line with the Bylaws and the Owner’s Manual. All major fit-out works that require permits from Public Authorities should be approved by the president of the Owners’ Association prior to the commencement of work.
Who will help me find movers, insurers, landscapers?
Waterfront City team has prepared a list of recommended contractors/ service providers to facilitate owners/tenants moving in. Recommended contractors will provide a favourable rate to owners/tenants of Waterfront City. This list is available on the USB drive that forms part of the handover pack. We have prepared for you some offerings that are discounted for Waterfront City clients. This information is available on the USB provided to you previously upon handover.

Service Charges, Owners Association and Bylaws

Will Waterfront City property owners/tenants pay annual service charges and what are they?
Service charges follow the best market practices. The Waterfront City sustainable lifestyle experience extends to all public realms including common areas, and as such your annual service charges will cover facility and community management for the common areas. The latter include 24/7 security, cleaning, landscaping, waste collection, MEP services, maintenance of core systems (elevators, generators), legal and accounting services. 

Furthermore, garbage rooms are available in the basement of each building facility to accommodate both regular and recycling refuse.

Service charges are due twice yearly and collected by the management company.

The service charge rate for the year 2017-2018 at Waterfront City is currently set at 22$/sqm for the Plaza Residences and 23$/sqm for the Promenade Residences.


Do I have to insure the contents of my unit?
While there is no obligation to do so, it is highly recommended that owners/tenants take out adequate insurance on the contents of their units. The insurance maintained by the community only covers the structure of the building. Therefore, contents such as furniture, electrical appliances, curtains, and carpets would not be covered. As a homeowner or tenant, you can suffer significant losses when your personal property is not insured if there is a fire, unexpected events, natural calamities, water damage or even accidental damage. We encourage you to contact a reputable local insurance company, broker or bank that offers Property and Contents Insurance or to use the Waterfront City assigned insurance firm.
Who shall Residents/Tenants contact for any requests, common area maintenance problems etc.?

Residents/Tenants should contact the facility management service provider working for the benefit of the Owners’ Associations at 04-404813 or send their request to info

Utilities and Garbage Disposal

What will be the available internet solution?
The Ministry of Telecommunication (MoT) has completed the installation of its telephone and internet connections. Ogero is the authorised operator for the MoT. Ogero is now working on installing a new fiber-optic network to buildings and homes. Wireless solutions can be an alternative option.
What kind of utility bills can a Waterfront City property owner expect?
  • Main power consumption based on EDL meter, approximately 13 Cent/kWh.
  • Backup power consumption based on kWh meter, approximately 15 Cent/kWh.
  • Gas consumption based on individual apartment gas meter.
  • Water subscription is paid annually by the Owners’ Association.
  • Backup water supply is requested when needed and paid by the Owners’ Association.

Waterfront City is conscious of its commitment to deliver buildings which are at the leading edge of design, and this includes care to optimise water and power conservation. Waterfront City will be urging all the residents to also act in an environmentally friendly manner in the use of utilities as part of the overall ambition to build a caring, showpiece community for the country.

Charges depend on the level of water and electricity consumption for each owner. Waterfront City however, is committed to installing/introducing the very latest water and power conservation techniques into its building. 

I want to carry out some alterations to my property. Do I need to seek permission?

Alteration to your property is subject to management and municipal approvals. For more information please contact the Community Manager office on 04-404813 for further information.

What are the recycling procedures? Sorting, composting, collecting, etc.?
Waterfront City has adopted green building standards where owners/tenants are encouraged to participate in environmental friendly best practices, i.e., sorting, recycling, etc.  

Dedicated recycling bins are provided to facilitate the recycling practice and ultimate waste disposal at the building garbage rooms.

Oil separators are installed in the drainage of retail and basement floors to protect the environment.

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